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Founded in 2015, La Jolla Mobile Notary serves San Diego County as an officer to the public. Who, call on our expertise to notarize some of the following documents; loan documents, estate planning, power of attorney, Advanced health care directive, real estate transaction and many more.
A notary public is a person legally authorized by a state government to administer oaths, witness the signing of documents, and deter fraud by verifying the identity of a person who signs a document.

A notary public is a person legally authorized by a state government to administer oaths, witness the signing of documents, and deter fraud by verifying the identity of a person who signs a document.
La Jolla Mobile Notary is experienced in notarizing documents in the fields of legal, banking, medical, real estate, and more. Notarization is an official certification process from powers of attorney, health care directives, loan documents, living trusts and more we handle all notarization.

Each notary from La Jolla Mobile Notary carries there own bonding and E&O insurance.

Estate Planning Notary

We notarize large packets for estate planning with multiple signers and multiple notarizations. Estate planning documents are usually drafted by an attorney. These documents include Last will and testament, trusts, amendment of trust, power of attorney, health care directive and IRA. La Jolla Mobile Notary services come to signers location of choice, it could be at your attorney's office, at your home, nursing facility or any location of your choice. We assist with completing all signatures on documents with all the signers in one place at one time. Do you have over 20 notary documents or more? We can provide two notaries at the same time so that you can get through all your documents more quickly. This option is great when there are multiple notary signatures at the same time. Request two notaries when scheduling at La Jolla Mobile Notary. To contact an attorney click here.

Loan Documents Notary

La Jolla Mobile Notary has certified notary signing agents here in La Jolla. Our traveling notary can come to where ever the signer(s) need us to be to close documents on time. In some cases, each signer is at a different location and that’s ok we can travel to both locations. The more legality аrе invоlvеd, thе more you will want tо protect yourself bу trusting in a rесоgnizеd ѕоurсе fоr уоur ѕеаl on documents, bonded and insured for real estate loan documents, equity linеѕ оf сrеdit, соntrасtѕ, аnd rе-finаnсing оf loans аnd mortgages. Are your documents at a local La Jolla or San Diego escrow office? As a matter of fact, La Jоllа Mobile Notary can реrѕоnаllу pick uр уоur dосumеntѕ from the escrow office and then meet for signatures to be completed and finally the notary will deliver аnd rеturn the documents back to escrow.

Real Estate Transaction Notary

La Jоllа mоbilе nоtаrу sеrviсеѕ mаkеѕ it еаѕiеr fоr titlе аnd escrow соmраniеѕ tо hаvе lеgаl dосumеntѕ nоtаrizеd on ѕhоrt nоtiсе. Having La Jolla Mobile Notary can be very beneficial for real estate agents because documents arise from escrow that needs immediate attention. The problem the buyer or seller is tied up with work or life and is now is having a hard time going to get the documents signed and notarized on time. We are available for real estate transactions. La Jolla Mobile Notary to go to where ever the clients are located and get all signature signed and even scanned or mailed back to escrow. To contact a real estate professional click here

Hospital Mobile Notary

An emergency happens a patient is now in the hospital and needs documents notarized like a power of attorney, health care directive, trusts, and wills notarized. La Jolla Mobile Notary can travel to the hospital room and have documents notarized.

Nursing Facility Notary, Rehab Facility Notary, Retirement Community Notary

La Jolla Mobile Notary often travels to get documents notarized at Casa De Manana, Casa Loma, Chateau La Jolla, La Jolla Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, The Cove at La Jolla, Home Care of La Jolla, white sands La Jolla, Pacific Regent La Jolla, Seasons at La Jolla, Vi at La Jolla Village, Sunrise of La Jolla and more.

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A notary public is a person legally authorized by a state government to administer oaths, witness the signing of documents, and deter fraud by verifying the identity of a person who signs a document.

A mobile notary public is not an attorney and cannot make something “legal” or ensure that it is true.


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