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888 Prospect Street, Ste. 200

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La Jolla Notary is located at 888 Prospect St. ste 200 La Jolla CA 92037. La Jolla Notary are licensed by the state of California as notary public serving San Diego County. We are Bonded and insured for the safety of the Public.

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Step 1:


Call to Make an appointment:
Confirm you have a valid identification

Step 2:

What to Bring

Bring with you a valid ID and your documents. You may have all your document filled out prior to the appointment but leaving the signature line to sign in front of a notary.

Step 3:

Completing notarization

Notary will verify the signer,  skim through the document to make sure it’s completed, then have you sign the document and their journal. The notary will then fill in the notary certificate put a seal on the document or attach one.  It’s as easy as that!

Notary Public Fees in Office

Notary Signature
$ 15
  • + $15 per any additional document
  • $15 per additional signer
  • Discounts on more then 10 notary signatures
*an appointment is required for notary services in the office at 888 prospect street ste 200, La Jolla CA 92037