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Steps to Notarizing Documents

Steps to Notarizing Documents

  1. The Notary will check the principal’s documents for completeness.
  2. The Notary will check if the signer(s) identification is valid and matches the name on the document
  3. Look for special instructions to the notary, if there are any.
  4. Check the document and see if it requires a:  Acknowledgement Certificate, Jurat Certificate or Subscribing witness proof of execution.
  5. The Notary will identify the document signer(s)
  6. Be aware of anything that may question the competency or willingness of the signer(s)
  7. Administer the oath or affirmation if required
  8. Record the notary act in a sequential journal
  9. Ask the principal document signer(s) to: sign the document and date the document if required
  10. The Notary will then complete the notary certificate, or the certificate that is attached to the document, place the seal stamp close the notary’s signature and date
  11. Collect payment for services

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